Delicious cookies
made from 100% organic ingredients
with a mild and intense flavor.

Maruxas de Nata

Our Maruxas are unique, organic artisan cream biscuits made daily by following an ancient traditional recipe.

Our biscuits are characterized by their unique taste. They bring us back to our childhood. We achieve this taste with a home-made technique. We only use primary products of an organic nature without additives nor preservatives. We have the seal of approval of the Galician Regulatory Agricultural Council.

The unique ingredients of our cream biscuits are organic wheat flour, organic cream, organic cane sugar and the love we put into their baking.

This exquisite taste is possible given the excellent quality of the products that we use, mainly the milk obtained from well fed happy cows who are not fed any chemicals. Our cows have free rain in their pastures and, in return, they offer us their sweet cream, with which we manufacture our biscuits. Our farm is located in a rural area in San Sadurniño, a beautiful environment.

Our Maruxas have received awards both nationally and internationally. Their exquisite taste and quality are recognized along with the recovery of tradition in the process of their elaboration. Some of those awards are “Alimentos de España 2011”, “Superior Taste & Quality Award 2013”, “Premio Excelencia a la Innovación Para Mujeres Rurales 2011”…

We invite you to try our Maruxas but we warn you, you will not be able to stop eating them...!

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