The flavor that brings you back to childhood.
Without additives.
Without preservatives.

Our products

A little whim

Small boxes to try the Maruxas for the first time, or to pamper yourself once in a while with coffee.
A very sweet detail perfect for gifts at events such as weddings, christenings...

50 grams box.
50x50 mm.

When you can not stop

They already know us, they have tasted us and they want to share that great pleasure with others... or give themselves a tribute.
Maruxas in total plenitude.

200 grams box.
75x99 mm.

A very sweet gift

And since they are so good... Why not invite friends, family or keep them for those beautiful moments?
The bag of sweetness.

400 grams bag.
170x100x60 mm.

For the sweet tooth

The older brother, for now, of the Maruxas family. For him, for her, for dad, mom, brother, sister and neighbor, if invited.
500 g of tasty Maruxas de Nata give a lot.

Pot of 500 grams.
150x120 mm.

Photo: Jorge Meis

Limited edition
illustrated by Leandro Lamas

We premiered the new series of limited edition tin boxes with the collaboration of Leandro Lamas (painter, illustrator, actor and theater director). Which has given it its characteristic personal stamp with a wonderful illustration, constituting a magnificent starting point for our new series of limited editions.

A fantastic way to start the collection.

Get it before it runs out.

550 grams. tin box.

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