Organic flour, cream and cane sugar.
And all our love.

About Us

We are a group of women who believe in this project, who put their efforts and dreams on our product yearning to achieve quality and excellence in each batch. Each biscuit is handmade; each one is a jewel for us.

We are convinced that innovation and progress go hand in hand with tradition and that is why we try to bring back those small things that filled our childhood with innocence and happiness. Grandma’s recipes sweetened our childhood, their experience and love gave us fortitude and character. The Maruxas have been born to wake up those sweet dreams that we thought were dormant.

Award for Excellence in Innovation for Rural Women

Ministry of Environment, Rural and Marine. Madrid, August 2011.

Food in Spain, Entrepreneurial Woman Award

Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment. Madrid, May 2012.

International Superior Taste & Quality Award

iTQi (International Institute of taste and quality). Brussels 2013.

Zoco de Ouro, Recovery of Flavors

La Toja Casino 2012.

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